Monday, December 1, 2008

Understanding Our Limitations

If you know how to play the piano, do you get mad at someone who can’t? If you are strong enough to take the lid off of a jar, do you get mad at someone, because they can’t? The answer to both of these should be a resounding, “no.” In fact, I would guess that in some cases maybe we feel a sense of pride that we are able to doing something that someone else cannot. Why then, do we get so upset at other limitations that people may have? Why can’t we understand that they just may not be capable of doing the things we are able to do and in turn, want them to do? Why can’t we understand that what comes so easily to us may not come to them at all? As in the example with the piano, they were never taught and therefore have no idea how to begin to play. In the example of the jar, there may be physical or mental limitations. Take pride in the abilities that you have been given. Don’t be so hard on others and their limitations. Understand that you yourself have limitations which you would not like to be judged on. Our expectations should come with the understanding of limitations and when they do; our relationships are more fulfilling.

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