Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Keep your eye on the Ball

Anyone who has ever played sports knows that one of the keys to success is keeping your eye on the ball. In baseball it can refer to hitting as well as catching. In soccer it’s just as important while kicking, as when receiving a pass. In football, you see receivers dropping easy passes because they look up field before completing the catch. Tennis, Golf, Polo, it really doesn’t matter the sport, if your eyes are distracted from the ball; your chance of success diminishes. In all the above, many different things can cause you to be distracted. Noise from the crowd, an oncoming tackler, getting ahead of yourself, or your peripheral vision, can all draw your focus away from that simple task, of keeping your eye on the ball.

What about in life? What’s the ball? The ball can represent many stages of our lives but on the grand scale, isn’t living, the ultimate ball? Isn’t what you’re doing at this very moment living? Do we take our eyes off the ball to look up field? Do we miss the ball when we do that? Are we distracted by the crowd? Do we freeze when we see the oncoming tackler? What do we see in our peripheral vision and can you see it clearly enough to identify it?
Stay focused; keep your eye on the ball, it is the key to living. Remember, if you take your eye off the ball (living), you will miss it all together.

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