Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's all about you

“It’s all about you.”Most people hear this and immediately associate this way of thinking with being selfish. Somehow it means you’re not a caring person. Of course the reality is, that it has to be all about you. The foundation of everything that exists is you the individual. If you don’t exist, then nothing else does either, at least not to you. Right now as you read this, there are families all over the world waking up to do what they feel is the most important things in their lives and you don’t care one little bit about them. That’s the truth. The reason you don’t care isn’t any more complicated than the fact that it’s all about you. Since “you” are unaware of those families and they have no affect on “you “, “you” don’t care. Now if I told you, that a family in Japan selected you to inherit their millions, I guarantee that you would suddenly have great interest in them.
Ok, so what’s my point? Too many of us spend wasted time, pretending that this is not the truth. We fool ourselves into believing that we are such unselfish and giving people, when in reality this is not the complete truth. It’s not to say that we do not care about others and make sacrifices to help and or care for others. It is however important to recognize our true intentions, because it allows us to take responsibility of our actions. We do the things we do, because we want to do them. When we take responsibility we can change. When we assign blame we have to wait for others to change. When we say, “I did all this for that person and they……..,” we fool ourselves into believing that we played no part in what occurred. Take responsibility in what you do and say. Don’t spend your life blaming others and waiting for them to change. It’s ok to realize that it is all about you, at least to you it is.

If a tree falls in a forest does it make a sound.
If “you” hear it, it does.

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