Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Here’s a little acronym I came up with for what the word Give should mean. Gifting /Intentionally /Voiding /Expectations. Too many times I see people give, without letting go of the expectations they have for those gifts. The idea of giving should be that you just give unconditionally. There are two things primarily that are happening, when you G.I.V.E. One, you are performing a truly unselfish act. Two, you are turning over your rights to another person, allowing them to do what they want with that gift. More often, It seems that more tan often, the gifts we give, are given with conditions. Sometimes we are not even aware of the fact that there are conditions attached.
Here’s an example: Imagine you give someone a gift, to find out that an hour after, they re- wrapped it and gave it to someone else. How would you feel? If you G.A.V.E. it to them, it shouldn’t make a difference. What is the part of us that is bothered by this? Is it that we think they didn’t like it? Might we say something like,” I didn’t give it to them so they could just give it away?” To which you might ask, then why did you give it to them? What unknown conditions did you attach to your gift? That person might have forgotten to shop for someone and you gave them something they already had. Because of your gift, they were able to give to someone else. Isn’t that a great gift? It is if your gift is really serving the purpose of giving.
This Christmas think about whether you want to G.I.V.E. or give. You will be happy to know it’s a lot less stressful and much more rewarding to G.I.V.E.

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