Friday, January 29, 2010

Losing Focus

The hardest part about staying the course is not being distracted by the things around you along the way. I must admit that this recently happened to me. One morning about a month ago, I woke up and had lost it. As clear as everything had been to me, the very things that I wrote daily in my Daily Dumbbells, had slipped away. I found myself angry and resentful. The last thing in the world I wanted to do was write another Daily Dumbbell. I woke up every morning trying to figure out what had gone wrong, what had changed so quickly and distracted me from the positive and happy life, I had obviously been taking for granted. It took a while but one day recently, the answer showed itself. During all the time I had been doing so well, my focus had been on others. I was living as best as I could, a life of service. I focused on what I could do for others and how I could make a difference in their lives. Somewhere, that changed and I began to focus on me. I asked “what about me, what about my fun, my life and who really cares about helping me”? It was all downhill from that point forward. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t write and I found myself upset with almost everyone. Someone recently came to me out of the blue and thanked me for something I thought had gone unnoticed. They reminded me of where my happiness came from and gave me renewed focus. My ego/self had come into the picture months ago and distracted me from what truly brought me my happiness and once it grabbed a hold of the wheel it wasn’t letting go.

When you live your life worrying about “me” you will find plenty to be offended about and your life will seem lonely and empty. When you live your life giving to others, you will find plenty to fill your life with and that will bring you happiness.

So I am officially at the wheel again and refocused. Daily Dumbbells will be back on track starting Monday. Next time I lose focus slap me around and remind me of where true happiness lies.