Monday, September 26, 2016

Jose Fernandez

This Monday morning I woke up wondering what happened to the weekend. No lie, I thought about why (once again) I hadn't won the lotto. I forcefully threw myself out of bed and did what could best be described as a "zombie walk" to my bathroom and started my morning routine. As I prepared myself to head out into the world of work, I had that thought of "here we go again." As I sludged through the traffic that I have grown so accustomed to, I turned on the radio to listen to sports talk radio. I was surprised to hear a woman trying to talk, while she obviously was sobbing. It was Jessica Blaylock, the in game reporter for the Marlins. She was talking about the tragedy of Jose Fernandez death and how it has impacted her and the team. She described how great of a person Jose was and how much fun and love he brought to the team and then she said this . " In every interview or conversation I ever had with Jose, he always said these three words: Thankfulness, Gratitude and Blessed. She went on to say. "If we get nothing more than this from his death, we should at least all look at our lives today and be THANKFUL for the things we have, GRATEFUL to God for allowing us to have them and feel BLESSED everyday." needless to say, it woke me up. It may not have been those words exactly but the message was very clear. I need to make sure I have the same passion for what I do that Jose had. I need to learn from him and have fun while I am doing it. Most importantly, I hope to have the same impact he did on others. I didn't know Jose but he has impacted my life today by the way he lived his with such passion and I thank him for that.