Monday, August 31, 2009

Speak Up

People want to hear from you. Speak up, don't by shy. To many of us are too worried about what others might think. Sometimes we hold back from saying what we want to say because we feel it won't come out right and or be percieved correctly. Most of the time, what we think others will think, is wrong. Over the years, even at the risk of embarrasement , I have become much better at speaking up and telling people how I feel, or even what I would like. It is always astonishing to hear their responses. They never seem to be what I expected and always seem to come with gratitude.

Last week, someone did just that to me. They sent me a instant message that simply said, "We miss your daily dumbbells". With just that simple comment, they made my day, my week and possibly my year. They inspired me to start up again. I know for sure, that writing helps me. I hope it helps others and I dream that one day my children will understand the kind of person I was, by reading them. So with just that one comment, think of the difference that person will have made in my life and possibly so many others. So don't be shy, speak up, say something nice, share your thoughts and you too will make a difference in the lives of those around you.

"Here's to another Ninety Daily Dumbbells!!"