Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Independent Puppet

Dancing to the music provided by the grand orchestras triumphant rhyme, he struggles to maintain a strong and elegant posture while keeping to the time.

His strength credited to the shadows of strings he sees while keeping to song and  blindly relaxes weight in the them, when he stumbles as things go wrong 

These strings do not provide support and he is forced to regain balance, but curses them for absence ignoring his own talents 

He will not stop the dance, as the musics forever pleading and frustrates with the thought of strings, who's supports are forever fleeting

 Although only shadows remain, of strings once so concrete, he cannot fully comprehend what keeps him on his feet.

 Tired and almost broken, he loses faith in strings and searches for a master, but stumbles while his gaze distracts and creates further disaster.

Is this a life thats meant for him, masterless supported free of strings?
Then suddenly he understands and the music starts to sing 

There was a time for strings to guide and a master set the tone but now the puppet works his best while dancing on his own 

The independent  free at last, his dance is his  no need to look around It's him alone that keeps himself from falling to the ground.