Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How can you write everyday?

Since the day I started writing my “Daily Dumbbells”, several people have asked me how I could find something to write about every day. They questioned whether or not I could keep up the pace of one a day (with the exception of weekends), for an entire year. I had never really thought about it. Once the thought was put into my head however, I started to do the math and immediately question myself. The answer was really quite simple; Everyday, I would have to find something positive in my life, that I felt I could learn from. I would have to focus my attention not only on myself, but on those around me and their positive experiences with life. Since my writings were to be positive in nature, I would be forced to take the simple everyday occurrences and see them for the gifts they really are. If I could do that, then coming up with things to write about would be easy.
Come to find out, it was this very thing that has made my life better as each day passes. I can’t tell you how many days, I have sat down to write, when I was not feeling particularly positive. I can tell you that I have always felt better after writing.
Find one thing that you consider positive about your life on a daily basis. Force yourself to find it, even when you don’t want to. By doing this daily you will see how the positive things you find, will bring you comfort and lesson the severity of the things you might be focusing on as negative.

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