Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Balanced Scale

Imagine a scale. On one side are the good things in your life and on the other side, are the things you consider to be bad. After close inspection, you realize that your scale has tilted towards the bad. What do you need to do? The obvious answer would be to add weight to the other side to create balance. In fact, you might want to add all the weight you can and reverse things all together. If you stared at the scale for days, hoping for change to occur on its own, you would only become more frustrated with the situation. I would guess, you might even waste endless hours, wondering how the scale became so unbalanced. After a few days, you would most likely have a complete accounting for the perfect storm that led you to your current situation, accompanied with the list of people that are to blame. Unfortunately, the scale would still look exactly the same, only now, due to your wasted, negative thinking over the last few days, it would be tilted even more towards the bad side.
So how do you fix this it? Take action. Start adding weight to the other side in the form of positive action. Forget about how your scale got out of balance, that’s a waste of time. Don’t look at your neighbors scale for comparison, that’s another waste of time. Most importantly, don’t waste all your energy thinking about how much effort it’s going to take, to do what you need to do. Take action! No matter how little, just do something that can contribute to heading in the right direction and the rest will start to unfold on it’s own. The good things you do, like the bad, are compounding. It’s not easy to start, but if you pay attention, you will see the scale tilting ever so slightly back in the direction you want. Keep in mind, it will take just as much effort to bring the scale back, as it did to get it there. Notice I didn't say, just as much time, that’s because it’s relative to the effort you put into it.
If you pay attention to the results of your efforts, in no time you will notice the compounding effects.

“It’s never hard to do the things we do, it’s just hard getting started”


Anonymous said...

You help me tilt my scale in a positive direction every day.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog today. We do have a choice