Friday, December 19, 2008

Change the menu, Change the cliental

Have you ever noticed that the same people seem to always be popping up in our lives? Sometimes it’s physically the same people and other times it’s a different person physically, but the relationship is the same. So what's the explanation? Are these people following us around? The answer is really quite simple, it’s not them, it’s us. We create these relationships without even knowing it. We send out a message to everyone we encounter. The people who are attracted to the message, come to us and the ones who are not, don’t. We start and end all of these relationships the same way, regardless of the person on the other end.
Imagine you want to open a restaurant were all you serve is chicken. The smell of chicken pours out of your restaurant and into the streets. What customers do you think will come? The obvious answer is, people who like, or for whatever reason, need to eat chicken. You wouldn’t stand around wondering why you weren’t attracting customers, who liked burgers or fish, would you? If you wanted to attract a different clientele, you would have to change the menu.
Do you even know what’s on you’re menu? What are you serving daily to the world? Once you identify what you’re serving, is it what you want to be serving? If you want to change the relationships in your life, change the menu. If you don’t change the menu, don’t be surprised when the same people and circumstances keep showing up in your life.

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