Friday, December 5, 2008

Save the best for last, not forever

I was speaking with someone who had a book written and wanted to see if they could get it published. After many conversations and countless nights of proof reading, he felt it was ready. We determined that he should send it off to publishers to see what their response would be. The following week I asked him how many copies he had sent out and his answers were filled with excuses. After several weeks of prodding, I figured out the real problem. As long as he didn’t send it out, he would be safe from rejection. He could control the fear of failure by never trying. He would always be able to tell people about the great book he wrote. He would say, “I never sent it out to a publisher but I bet it would have been a best seller,” Many of us protect ourselves from the fear of failure at the cost of success. Save the best for last, but not forever.

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praiseb2thelord said...

Wise words.....We need to step out in faith and let God handle the rest!