Friday, December 12, 2008

My life's harder than yours is

I find it interesting that when someone tells us that our life is easy, or not as hard as theirs, we feel the need to defend the difficulty of our lives. It’s almost as if though we were programmed to believe, that unless what we are doing is difficult, it’s of little value. Hence, the more difficult our lives, the more value we have. If someone says to you, “You have no idea how tough things are for me, I wish I had your life,” we feel defensive. We feel as though they are saying that we make little or no effort. We would want to immediately say something like, “Yeah, well my life’s no piece of cake either, you only think it is.” We also don’t want the other person to believe that they are somehow doing more and or are able to deal with more difficulty than us. It causes one person to feed off another, in a subconscious duel of proving whose life is more difficult. It creates a mental tug of war between trying to be happy and trying to prove to everyone how hard things are.
Whatever the reason, its CRAZY! I say, "let them win." What’s wrong with just letting go and saying, “Your right, I have a great life and it’s easy. If there’s anything I can do to help you with yours, let me know.” Yeah that’s right you heard me correct, "it’s easy." As you read this, I am sure some of you are saying, “Well it’s not easy,” What makes you say that? It’s as easy as you tell yourself it is.
I am starting a new competition to see who has the easiest life, winner takes the grand prize.
Grand Prize = an Easy life
2nd place = a difficult life
Last place = Pity (sometimes misunderstood to be the Grand Prize)

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