Friday, November 28, 2008

The Tomorrow Diet

Ok, raise your hand if your going on a diet on Monday and this time, you mean it. Don't wait until Monday, start today. Start right now. I know it sounds scary but it doesn't have to be. I am not suggesting you have to be on a perfect diet starting today. Instead, I only suggest that you make a concious effort to limit the amount of food you take in. Or maybe go for a walk that you normally wouldn't have taken. It seems as though everyone always has to take the whole diet thing to an extreme and since the extreme is so drastic and scary, no one ever starts. Everyone is on the tomorrow diet and as we all know, tomorrow never comes. When you talk about your diet, talk about the present not the future. Don't say I am going on a diet starting Monday, say I am on a diet and I am adding limitations as I move forward. Empower yourself. Get the ball (however big that ball may be) rolling and live in the present. Believe it or not, you are dieting as you read this, you just don't know it.
"Diet" although a four letter word, doesn't have to be associated with something negative. Change the way you think and see the word for what it really means. Diet, by definition is "1 a: food and drink regularly provided or consumed." On the other hand, "1 a: to perish from lack of food b: to suffer extreme hunger," is the definition of starving. Don't get the two confused.

If all else fails just remember:


Anonymous said...

FYI - I didn't start a "diet" today. I started a "lifestyle change". (for the 48th time this year)

Anonymous said...

I'm starting tho think your the only one who knows how to comment.