Thursday, November 27, 2008

Come to your senses

Your senses are all very powerful and hardwired to your brain but the sense of smell, is very unique. For the most part, the way something smells, tends to be more permanent, than the way something looks. You may for example, have gone to many different schools in your lifetime but a classroom always smells like a classroom. For that reason, when you find a familiar smell, it has the unique ability to transport you to the past. It can be a bad smell as well as a good smell but for today, I want to stick with the good ones. With today being Thanksgiving, our work load should be pretty limited. With the exception of preparing the "Big Meal," it should be a pretty relaxing day. So I ask as you read the list of items below, that you pause after each one, close your eyes and immerse yourself into what is being described. They may not all apply to you but I am sure you will find at least one.

1. The smell of the top of your desk at school (if this one is really clear it indicates how often you slept in class)
2. Text books from school (this is assuming that you opened them)
3. The erasers for the chalkboard (this might also indicate your classroom behavior)
4. A field, for any athletic event. (Early in the morning when you were just getting to the field)
5. A church pew (prior to licking it)
6. A baseball glove you had as a kid( as you buried your face in it)
8. Your bed as a kid (the G.I Joe sheets with matching comforter)
9. The seats or dashboard, in the family car. (Some of us slept on the back dashboard)
10. Fireworks (Not including any singed hairs)
11. Swing set
12. A roller skating rink
13. An ice skating rink
14. A bowling alley
15. Disney
16. A new book
17. The smell of your first car
18. Your first cologne or perfume
19. Your grandmothers house
20. Your dog
Your Cat
Your best friend 's house
Your mom
Your dad

Think of your own. There are many others that can bring smiles to our faces and take us back to the memorable times in our lives. After you have thought of your own, take a deep breath and make sure you take the time to smell today. Smell the turkey. Smell the house you celebrate in. Smell the people around you and the cold or warmth in the air. Most of all smell tomorrow's memories because they are happening today.


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Anonymous said...

My most memorable smells are:
1. pound cake toasting when my mom made it with icecream and fudge on top
2. that ski smell, an aromatic mixture of sweat, cold, and fireplace, mmmmmmmmm!