Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dare to Differ (Poem)

Dare to differ in the way, we raise our kids today
To lead and not to follow, for this is what we say

Dare to take the time to teach and give them loves instruction
For if you do, prevent for them, a strangers hate corruption

Dare to be the "different parent", who knows what's "right from wrong"
This will live inside them, when your time has come and gone

Dare to listen to what you say and practice what you preach
For if one does not show to class, then never dare to teach

Dare to show all the love you have for them, this will take some sacrifices
And as they grow, their love for you, will keep them from life's vices

Dare to be unselfish, let them grow and sprout their wings
A parent’s love is unconditional, although one tends to cling

Dare to speak to other parents, and pass this message down
It’s up to us the "different" ones , the few still left around

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