Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who's your daddy?

We teach our children and once they learn something, we push them to learn more. While learning new things, they stumble and we are always there to support them. We don’t allow them to quit. We let them know they can do anything. We know this is what is best for them. If they have mastered one thing, we push them on to something more difficult.

1. If they excel at school, we put them in advanced courses or even have them skip a grade.
2. If they excel in sports we move them up in skill level or even age group.
As parents, we always push our children because we love them and never want them to stop challenging themselves.
If God is our father, why would he treat us any different? He is the ultimate parent and therefore will always challenge us, just as we challenge our children. He wants us to grow and to reach our full potential. When you feel that things are going smoothly and you have it all figured out, prepare yourself for the next challenge that God will send your way.

If idle time is the devil’s tool, then it would be safe to say that busy time is God's.


Anonymous said...

Um, God. It's me. Can you please put me back in the "regular" class? I want to get first honors.

Anonymous said...

It's me God, "no"