Wednesday, September 9, 2009



Being around someone who is passionate is an incredible experience. What that person is passionate about doesn’t even seem to matter because it’s more about the intense feeling and efforts that you see them putting in, that leaves you frozen in bewilderment. Steve Irwin, Racheal Ray, Lance Armstrong, Luciano Pavotratti, Michael Jackson and many others share not in what they do but in how passionate they are, about what they are doing. No matter how simple or complicated the task, when you see that person in action, you are consumed in the passion for what they are doing. Take what you do and be passionate about it. Don’t worry about what it is, as much as how you do it. Let’s face it, chasing lizards, baking cookies, riding bikes, singing songs and dancing are all very nice but you’re not curing cancer. It’s not what they do, it’s how they do it that makes the difference. So whether you’re a teacher, salesman, writer, executive, housewife, entrepreneur, or anything else, get into it. Do what you do with passion and you will leave your mark on the world.


Kiki said...

Very timely Alex! Again:)

Alex said...

Thanks, It must mean we are going through the same things right now. What I write doesn't come out of the blue, it is me talking to myself about the things I need to motivate myself on.

Thanks again for your involvement

Mary said...

Can you take Martha Stewart off the list? She really annoys me. Put Rachel Ray or anyone else instead! lol Love you!

Alex said...


Your wish is my command, Done