Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Little Kanye

I can never quite figure out why so many people insist on trying to create their happiness by attacking and criticizing others. I have said before that many of us do the things we do with a certain amount of uncertainty as to whether what we are doing is 100% correct. So in an attempt to convince ourselves, we attack what others are doing. Of course this never works. The only thing that comes out of this kind of behavior is more uncertainty and a negative energy that consumes our thoughts. You may think that pointing out others flaws or faults adds a positive spin on what you are doing but, in reality, it only creates more doubt and less happiness. A great example happened last night at the VMA’s. In an attempt to discredit Taylor Swift, Kanye West stood up and made a fool of himself while accomplishing the complete opposite of what he had set out to do. So you ask yourself, "Why does someone who has already reached the pinnacle of their industry feel the need to destroy a 19 year old girl's night that she herself has worked equally as hard for?"
It may come as a shocker but we all have that little Kanye inside of us. It’s that voice that comes out and says things that hurts others with no benefit to anyone. I see others criticizing his behavior but I wonder how many of those same people will do the same thing today, just on a different scale. How many of us will spend our days saying and doing hurtful things to others while leaving a path of destruction as we walk through our lives.
My father use to say, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” By now you have heard me say, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then find something nice to say.” Let people have their "Taylor Swift" moments. Whether you like their kind of music or not, whether you think they deserve it or not, whether you agree or disagree. Take the little Kanye in you and put him where he belongs. If not for everyone else, put him away for yourself. Whether you realize it or not, he is what brings you insecurity, shame, and most importantly, your little Kanye holds you back from growing as a person.


Mary L. said...

You picked the perfect image! Whenever "Our little Kanye"s speak out, they do tend to burn bridges or leave a path of destruction behind. Just saying "our little Kanye" makes me laugh.

Did I mention how glad I am to have Daily Dumbbells back? : )

Kiki said...

You have given me a great visual to "carry" with me as I mad as I was at Kanye last night, I need to be hyper aware of when my own little Kanye rears it's ugly little (big) head!

Oh, yeah, so glad you are back!