Thursday, September 3, 2009

College Life

Last month I dropped off my daughter at college, in Alabama. I know that she is growing not only as a student but as a woman. Although most of the time she is extremely happy and having a lot of fun, sometimes when we talk, I hear her struggling to do things she has never done before. I want to jump on a plane and go do it for her. I love her and I would prefer her to never struggle. Thankfully, she is just too far away for me to fly to her rescue. I say thankfully because if I could go there and do those things for her, than she would never learn and she would experience more pain in the long run, when I wasn’t around to “save” her. She has already learned to do things like cooking, cleaning, laundry, the transportation system, the campus, and many others. The difficulty is not doing these things but balancing all these things into what is a very difficult academic schedule. Most people say things like, “that is so great, you are teaching her to be independent and a lot of parents don’t have the courage to do that. In the end she will be so much stronger. It’s good to struggle, that’s how we learn. She will be able to handle anything life throws her way after this.”

God sent us all away to college many years ago.

“It is so great that he is teaching us to be independent a lot of parents wouldn’t have the courage to do that.”
“In the end we will be so much stronger”
“It’s good to struggle that’s how we learn”
“You will be able to handle anything life throws your way”

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