Thursday, September 10, 2009

How old are you anyway?

Yesterday while jogging around my neighborhood, I remember thinking how easy and effortless running was in my 20’s. I started reflecting on my age. As I came down the home stretch, I ran pass a neighbor who I have known for years. He asked me how it was going, to which I sarcastically replied,” this old man is trying to stay in shape”. He asked me how old I was now and I told him 42, he smiled and said, “ I just turned 62, I ‘d trade for 42 any day of the week”. His words filled me like the fountain of youth.
When we are young, we look forward to being older. We see being older as being able to do more and having more respect from others. As we get older we wish we were younger because once again we see younger as being able to do more, even if it’s just physically and we might even feel less respected or counted on by others.
So what is the right age? What is the best age? The answer is simply, today’s age. Go out and do everything you ever wanted to do, when you thought about being today’s age. Enjoy all the benefits of being this age. Most importantly, don’t spend this year thinking of what age you wish you were or remembering how great some age in the past was. My guess is, that unless you lived the way I am describing, the years of the past were wasted thinking about other ages you wished you would have been.
Don’t forget, how old or how young you think can have an incredible impact on how old or young you feel and your everyday experience.
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