Friday, September 4, 2009

Are you Happy Now !!!

I hear people talking all the time about when happiness will come for them. I myself have uttered many of the same lines.
“I’ll be happy when I am making xxxx amount of money.”
“I’ll be happy when my child does, or is , this or that.”
“I’ll be happy when the weekend is here.”
"I'll be happy when ______________."
We spend our lives waiting for weekends, parties, salaries, football games, marriages, people, places and many other things, to determine our state of happiness. Some of these things will never come, so does that mean our happiness will never come? Most of these things will come differently than what we originally expected, does that mean our state of happiness will be different? Most importantly, if these things come and they come exactly the way we wanted, do we take the time to bask in our happiness, or do we just let that moment pass without notice, while we focus on the next thing that will bring us our happiness?

Happiness is now. Happiness is the process. Happiness is the state of anticipating the big game and the fun that goes with talking about it. Happiness is the planning of starting a new family. Happiness is the place in which we are and the salary we make. It’s the very life we live, each and every moment of every day. Most importantly happiness is a decision that you can make right now and substantiate it with the great people, places and things you have right now. Your state of happiness is a direct result of your perception to your situation. So if you continously set new expectations for new situations, it would only make sense that you will never reach a state of happiness.
Stop living for the future and live for the now. You will find happiness now, not in the future.


Mary said...

Okay,okay, I'm happy!

I have a Daily Dumbbells request based on a conversation I had with my son the other day. What do you think about this statement - "Self -pity is the only completely useless emotion."

Kiki said...

I'm workin' on it, I promise;)