Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Why do people feel the need to attack so vicously, with no regard to those they are hurting? Why is it that in our society people prefer to pick apart rather than build? Why is it more common to criticize than to compliment what others are doing? The answer is really quite simple, Fear. Fear can cause us to do really stupid things. But where does this fear stem from? We all work hard to do the things we consider to be right. Our whole lives can be identified by our beliefs and our passions. When we see someone doing something that is not what we believe, we feel the need to point out their wrong doings. In a weird way it reassures us that what we are doing, is correct. If led into a discussion, we might even get angry and rude when stating our position. Think how hard it would be to accept for ourselves that what we have invested so much time into, may actually not be right. The thought of that can make us defensive and cause us to lash out. When that uncomfortable feeling arises some of us have the skills to debate, while others can only fight the best way we know how. Don’t be mad at the boxer because he punches in a wrestling match that is the only way he knows to defend himself. The real key is to not try to justify your beliefs by attacking others. Let others do what it is that they believe in. If what they do bothers you so much, I suggest you ask yourself why? If they don’t live with you and it doesn’t affect you directly, then why the anger and the need to tear them down?
My grandfather use to say,” Yo lo que se , es que no se nada” (What I know, is that I know nothing)
Anger, hate and frustration came during the height of the Civil Rights movement, Why were they so angry? Because what they had believed in for so long was being attacked. It didn't matter that they were wrong.

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Your grandpa was an agnostic? hehehe