Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Quit

I quit.
I give up.
Too much work.
Whats the point.
I thought I could make a difference.

Nobody cares anyway. Why should I bother?


Anonymous said...

Quit is a four letter word!

Mary said...

This better just be one of your poems! Don't quit Daily Dumbells! I care. That's why you should bother!

Kiki said...

WHAT??????!!! What am I chopped liver? oh, Mary too:)

Anonymous said...

Oye, I hope your not referring to your daily dumbells and this is just one of your "things that make you go HMMM" moments.

But if you need some ego boosting, here goes:

Yes Alex, we don't want you to quit. You do make a difference in many people's lives. When we come home, tired from the difficulties of our day, your god inspired wisdom and humor brightens up our lives. So please don't punish us just because sometimes we don't comment on your posts. We are just too tired to lift our fingers to type! Please don't give up, we all care very much!

Well I hope that changes your mind :-)


Kiki said...

she TOLD you!! Alex, come back....