Friday, October 23, 2009

Sound Familiar

You know that one thing that everyone always says about you. It’s the one thing you have been hearing all your life. It comes back time and time again in different jobs or situations. It is told to you by unrelated people of all parts of your life.
Here are a few examples:

“You’re too defensive”
“You’re too sensitive”
“You exaggerate”
“You tend to not follow through”
“Your incredibly talented but don’t apply yourself”

Of course the list could go on and on, each example or several may apply to you. I have always joked around and said that if 1 person says something about you, you have a chance that their wrong but if 100 people say it, it’s probably true. What is that one thing 100 people have always said about you? Do you want to change whatever it is? What are you doing today to change it? For me, I know several and I work hard to change them. Although I know some people might say it’s how we are hard wired and there is little we can do to change, I say that’s just another way of refusing to make the effort to grow. I myself have always heard that I am a sprinter not a marathon runner and these Daily Dumbbells are part of my marathon run. They are a way to show myself that I can go against my hardwiring if I just re arrange a few wires and trick myself into running the marathon one day at a time.


Kiki said...

Awesome post! Believe me, my husband and children can tell you that even things that are "hardwired" can be changed if the motivation is strong enough. Now if I can just change what the nuns at St. Michaels always wrote on my report cards "annoys others"...:)

Alex said...

Basically "YOU" have to want to change but is can be done. At least the nuns wrote about you, they just sent me home until I, as they put it, " Changed my attitude." Funny how somethings never change, here I am in my 40's, still trying to change my atttitude.

Mary said...

A lot of people say that I am "the normal one" and I think I like that! So I better keep doing whatever it is that I am doing. LOL!

The other thing I would add to this Daily Dumbbell is that one you are labeled, it really sticks with you (good or bad.)

Alex said...


If you are the only normal one that makes you abnormal. Chew on that.
By the way, the first person that can break a label is you. For example if you say I stink at drawing, you stop saying that about yourself and you say I never really gave drawing an effort but i am sure I would be good if I gave it the right effort.

Kiki said...

Clearly, Alex hasn't seen my drawings...another thing the nuns always told my mom, "she's not Picaso!"