Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's a Miracle

It’s a miracle that God puts up with me. Just imagine that while he is sitting up there taking care of all the real problems in the world, I keep texting him. “Hey God, got a minute, I could real use your help? I can imagine him sarcastically looking up at all the saints and saying, “Hold on a second everyone, Alex from Miami wants to win the lotto again.” Sometimes I laugh at myself wondering how insignificant the things I think I need or the things I complain about, must be in relationship to the rest of the world’s needs. Recently, I hurt my back and I must admit that I was asking God for a good explanation and a little relief. I mean, how could he let such a thing happen to me. While in the mist of asking this, a commercial came on for a program called “Little People, Big World”. The clip showed the youngest son, who already has to deal with being a little person, being told that he will have to have back surgery within the next six months. I immediately looked up and said, “Ok God, I get it, you can go back to helping those with real issues.”

God’s time is precious; don’t bother him with silly request. I can hear him now, “If you want it so bad, get it for yourself. Let me worry about the big stuff.”


Anonymous said...

First let me say for what seems to be about the tenth time.....You sir have missed your calling.

As for the blog you have some good points but I believe God wants us to involve him in everything in our lives, both the big stuff and the small stuff. God is so full of love, grace and mercy for us that we are never a bother to him. You want a better example of this than him sending his only son to die for our sins so that we would not perish?



Alex said...

Thank you again for your words and I am glad to see yoo continue to keep reading.

Kiki said...

I too tend to ask God for trivial things sometimes.

But I kinda get a kick outa God calling his angels and looking down and saying, "Hey angels, get a look at this clown..."