Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

Today I am officially one year older than my dad. What I mean by that is that he died when he was 42 and I am 43. It’s very weird to look at pictures of him and feel like he is my age. I have spent a lot of time this year wondering what he was thinking about himself, his life and his accomplishments during his last year. I wonder how many things he took for granted or whether he lived life for the moment. I wonder if he embraced his 40’s or rejected them. Poor guy probably never knew how good he had it. If I am honest, he probably spent his days worrying about bills, the economy, material things, vacations, relationships and all the other stupid things we all spend our days worrying about. I love my dad and even though he spent a great deal of his time working, I did learn a lot from him. He will never know but in dying he gave me his greatest lesson, live your life and enjoy it as it is because you really never know what day may be your last.


Mary said...

Um... hmmm... thanks for that "uplifting" message Alex. So glad I started my morning with Daily Dumbbells today... (soaked with sarcasm)

LOL! I'm just giving you a hard time on your birthday. Happy Birthday!

It is crazy to think about it though, because as kids, you guys probably saw Dad and Mom as "old" at the time. But when I look at you (and my other siblings) I think of you as "young" with so much life left to live and things to accomplish. Crazy...

Kiki said...

Ah, I remember it well! So, how do YOU view your 40's? I just thought about this, none of you beautiful Becerra's inherited the bald gene. I guess my family stole it all:) Hope your birthday is a wonderful one while you enjoy that family that God has blessed you with! Much love!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Alex! Great blog! We truly have to live life as if today were our last day.

What a coincedence, another good friend of mine celebrates a birthday today as well.

Blessings Diana.