Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One time and you’re Done?

It’s never about one time and you’re done. You can’t be a good person once, you have to be a good person forever. You can’t practice for something once, you have to practice it for as long as you intend to excel at it. You can’t work hard once, you have to keep at it or you will lose it. Some may say it’s not fair but no matter what you do, doing it once or for a short period of time, will only give you temporary results. You can diet for a month and lose weight but the second you stop, you will gain the weight back again. You can build a business for years and make millions but stop building and it will crumble. Ok, so what’s my point?
Don’t give yourself the illusion of a finish line. Set small goals but realize that no matter what it is that you want in your life, you will have to work at it every single day and the more dedicated you are, the more results you will see. All this although it may sound exhausting is called being alive.
Remember the day there’s nothing left to work at, is the day your done (literally).


Your FAVORITE little sister said...

This is great timing. I have a hard time with excercise and dieting for this very reason. (and laundry too!) I WANT there to be a finish line so that I can be "DONE" and it is so hard to accept that there is no finish line (except the one at the grave) Well said!

Alex said...

It's a hard thing to wrap your brain around but you really don't want half the things you say. "I wish everyone would just leave me alone." Really? If you read your comment you say, I want there to be a finish line." Really? Speak clearly to yourself and it helps. "I would like to have someone else do the laundry tonight". That opens up options like your husband, a friend, the dry cleaners, etc... The other comments frustrate and depress.