Friday, October 9, 2009

Once in a Lifetime

All of us are guilty of trying to force things. Usually, we force the things that we think we need in our lives. I would imagine that from the outside, it probably looks like a child trying to force a square block into a round hole. You see the poor child frustratingly jamming this square, in a desperate attempt to make things fit. In some cases, you might go to assist them, turning the square hole to their side but they stubbornly turn it back and continue to try to force things. I find it interesting that so many times in our lives there are instances where things flow easily without effort, yet we run away from them. We have straight hair and we want curly, we have talent in one thing, yet wish we could do another. The list goes on and can become more complicated. We can spend our whole lives trying to force the square block in the round hole. If we could just recognize that we all have our own unique individual talents and run with the ones we excel at, life would be so much more pleasurable. It’s not to say that we should not try others and or work to improve ourselves but our time is limited and we should spend most of it, putting our efforts in the right places.
Once in a lifetime, we find that special person or thing that we instantly connect with. It just immediately feels right and effortless. Don’t run away from it, embrace it and recognize their or its purpose in your life. You don’t need to look for new ones, just open your eyes and the real ones are standing right in front of you. No matter what it is your looking for, if you look carefully, the square hole is right there. It’s probably been there the whole time. Take a deep breath, stop forcing things and the answer will appear. If you don’t, you may look up one day and find that all your blocks are deformed, your holes have lost their definition and you can’t tell one side from the other.


Kiki said...

Pretty much, the story of my life, trying to fit a square peg in a round hole:)

Hopefully, I am getting wiser as I get older and I won't "look up one day and find that all your blocks are deformed"...I LOVED that imagery.

Mary said...

I'd love to know the inspiration for this Daily Dumbbell. I found it really interesting.

I'm still trying to figure out what my talents are and what to do with my wavy hair.

Apparently I've already mastered the whole "getting pregnant" thing. Should I just go for it and have 19 kids?

Alexandra Becerra said...

I would love to tell you where the inspiration came from on this one but I would have to kill you.

On a side note: Apparently you and Steve have the whole round thing in the round hole working way too well. Try the round pill in the big mouth, you might have better results.

Mary said...

Who's Alexa?? hahaha