Monday, October 5, 2009

Super Hero

As a kid and sometimes even as adults, we can all wonder what it would like to be a super hero. We all would love to have some sort of incredible super power and be able to go around the world saving people and showing off our super talent. It’s funny how we all think on such a big scale as to what those super powers would be. We all would want super strength, the ability to fly, the ability to run fast or maybe move things with our minds. I am assuming all these things would be great for the two reasons I already mentioned, helping others and showing the world how unique we are. Well we may not be able to fly and do all the things we see in the movies but we can all be super heroes. Every day we can help others and every day we can show the world how unique we are. Spend the day as if you were a superhero waiting for a cry for help and when that call comes, jump up and be off to the rescue. When someone calls with a flat tire, jump up from wherever you are and run to their rescue. When your mom calls and just needs someone to talk to, be there for her. When your children cry out for help, sacrifice yourself as a true superhero would. Whatever it may be, no matter how silly you may think the task is, you can be some ones super hero every day of your life.
So quit sitting around and get to work, the world needs you.
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Mary L said...

You have definitely come to my rescue more than once! Of course the timing of when I read this last night was just so perfectly ironic. I'm sure you gave it a few head shakes yourself. Love you!!! Hope you're feeling better.

Kiki said...

You actually inspired me to be a mini-hero today to someone who did not have a ride to bible study. In the process I, myself, was blessed by getting to spend time with someone I hadn't seen in a long time. Thanks again Alex!