Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Single Rose

Per request and as a follow up to "The Perfect Storm" here is "A Single Flower" (the perfect woman)
A single flower stands alone in fields of grassy weeds
She stands alone among them, in beauty and with grace
The common grow so rapidly, they do not share her needs
This single stem of quality, she strengthens at her pace
At times she bows with thirst, for lack of simple water
The common drink whatever is given and seem to grow with ease
She waits with pride for rain to come, this girl a roses daughter
For she knows the common food is not for her to seize.

When lonely, she will look at them and wonder what would be
She feels as though she’s all alone, she feels she’s not the same
The common gaze at her with envy, to see as she can see
They wish they could be flowers but this they cannot claim

The lifeless weeds now lying down, to form a sea of grass
When winter comes and all is bare, the weeds will be forgotten
Along the ground, she still stands out, this beauty of the past
For even when her time has gone, this flower will not be rotten

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