Thursday, September 24, 2009

Don't Stop Believing

The one thing that keeps us going in our lives is hope. The hope that we will get all the things we want and are willing to work hard for. Along the way, we will be faced with obstacles and we will want to give up. Throughout our lives we will have those who say we can’t. Their words will create doubt and make us want to give in. Some will say our way is wrong and we may lose focus while trying to follow their path. There are those who will see our progress and try to distract us to their stagnation.
Use your compass to set your own course. Stay focused on what you know to be your way. This is an imperfect world that is forever changing and as a result, what we must do today, we might not do tomorrow. What is acceptable tomorrow is taboo today. Push forward and stay your course. Do what you know to be true to you. Don’t be swayed, misguided or pressured into conforming to what others think you should do or be. No matter how lonely or difficult you find your path to be, don’t stop believing in yourself and your ideas.

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