Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Mourning

Most people relate the word “mourning” with sadness, crying and the death of a loved one but we can mourn in many ways, about many things. We can mourn a friend who moves away, losing a job, our youth, and basically any dramatic change that occurs in our lives. What is it that seems to tear us apart, leave us feeling empty and in a state of reflection? The first and most obvious answer would be that we will miss what or who, we had become so familiar with. From that, one would also gather that we would  miss the way that situation or person made us feel. I really enjoy my daughters playing soccer, it has become part of my life. Every weekend we go to games and most of our “family vacations” are soccer tournaments. Will I mourn when the soccer comes to an end? Of course I will. It may not be the same type of mourning as if someone was to die but the characteristics of mourning will be there, sadness, and some time for reflection followed by a period of adjustment. So what do we do to protect ourselves from the inevitable losses that we will all have to endure throughout or lives? The answer is quite simply, nothing.  There is nothing you can do to change the inevitable. We will always have to deal with changes in our lives and the loss of loved ones. What we can do, is to embrace those things when they are staring us in the face. Love every minute of the “soccer” games in your life. Call our loved ones as much as possible and tell them what they mean to us. Find the time to spend with those who we care about the most and when your with them, don’t think about how you might change them but how you would never want to exchange them. There’s a song by Tim McGraw called “live like you were dying”, for today I suggest we change the words around to, “Live like they were dying”. It won’t eliminate the inevitable mourning but it will guarantee that you will never have regrets about the time you did spend with that person or part of your life.

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Kiki said...

I keep checking to see if anyone has commented yet. This one is still a bit painful for me. Not sure I can even articulate well enough to have a coherent response but just wanted to tell you that it's a great post.

Alex said...

It's funny because I don't think people realize that their comments not only motivate me but give me some guidance as to the material people enjoy to read. If it wasn't for you, my sister Mary and a few others, I would be in the dark.

Mary L. said...

All your posts are great - I may not agree with everything, but you always give me something to think about. My favorite line from this one was "don’t think about how you might change them but how you would never want to exchange them."

Alex said...


For the record, I would never want to exchange you. Ok maybe, but it would have to be something really good.


Kiki said...

Sibling love...PRICELESS:)