Friday, September 11, 2009

Will Power

When we decide to do something, the first thing that people talk about is your will power. Will power is not just limited to stopping certain behaviors, it can also be about creating new ones. Whether you’re trying to stop smoking or starting an exercise program, it will take a certain amount of will power. Read through the following definitions taken from the dictionary:

  • the use of the mind to make decisions about things
    the determination to do something
    a desire or inclination to do something
With the word “will” being a root of the word willing, take a look at the definition of willing:

  • ready to do something without being forced
    cooperative and enthusiastic
    offered or given by somebody readily and enthusiastically

Ok so what does all this mean to the person that wants to lose weight, start working out, quit smoking, etc…. It means that to be successful, it will have little to do with an internal strength, which is what most people associate will power with. Your “will power” like most things, will be based on good decision making and sound logic. It has nothing to do with being a stronger, better or more focused person, just a more realistic planner. It has everything to do with the six definitions written above. Go down the list of definitions as if they were questions and if you answer yes to all of them, then the odds of your success are great.

Am I using my mind to make this decision? (Or is it someone else’s mind or your heart)
Am I determined to do this? (Determined is not the same as wanting to do this)
Do I desire this (Sounds obvious, but on a scale from 1 to 10. If you could have this or a million dollars which would you pick? Ok, now readjust the desire scale because the million is a 10 and what are you doing to get that)
Am I being forced to do this? (by others)
Are you cooperative and enthusiastic (ready to follow the game plan and happy to do so)
Are you doing this readily and enthusiastically (create and enthusiastic atmosphere)

Wrapping it all up, the first thing you need to do is determine that this is something you really want to do and that it is not being created by outside forces. Once you decide you really want it, consider it done. In other words say thing like, "I don’t smoke anymore" not, "I am trying to quit smoking". Your language will speak highly of your true commitment. Now you need to create enthusiasm. If you were dieting, you might make a list of all the benefits you would receive from dieting and buy some health magazines. This will serve to help you stay focused and remember why you made the decision you made, in the first place. Lastly, reflect daily on the things you have been able to accomplish and the benefits you have received. Remember this has to be a decision of the mind, not the heart. Be willing and all things are possible.

"Man can do all things if they will"

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