Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who Cut Me Off?

We have all had the unfortunate experience of someone cutting us off in traffic. So the question is, who cut us off? The answer is nobody. For someone to cut you off, they would have to know who you are. They let themselves in, more than they cut you off. We unfortunately see everything from our perspective and don’t take the time to realize that quite frankly, that person doesn’t even know or care, who you are. When we realize this, we don’t take it personal and it becomes easier to live with. In addition you don’t know who the person is that cut you off or what they maybe going through, at that moment in time. Maybe, they just got fired or heard bad news about a family member. Maybe, just like most of us, they are in a rush to get somewhere on time, to avoid what they believe to be an adverse reaction to their potential tardiness. Whatever the reason is, I can guarantee that it is not about proving that they somehow beat you, at some perverse car game, created in your mind. As you probably already know, this is true about all that happens to us on a daily basis. Although we would like to believe that everything that happens is associated with us, it's not. Stop taking things so personal, stop looking for reasons to be offended, and instead, realize nobody is doing anything to you, as much as they are doing things for themselves.

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Diana said...

Great way to look at things Alex! We all need to focus more on this.