Monday, February 16, 2009

Setting Out To Do Something

Sometimes, we set out to do things with one idea in mind and yet a totally different outcome occurs. In the end we are still happy with the results, even though they were not what we intended. Or were they? How is it possible that we could be happy if the outcome was completely different than what we originally intended? The answer is that we get lost in the details of how things should happen, rather than what we really wanted to happen. You may be looking for love in all the wrong places and upset as all of these encounters fail, yet in the end when you finally find the right person, you are happy. The point is not about being patient for love but understanding what it is that you are looking for and letting it occur, rather than forcing it. It’s not to say for example, that you can just stand around waiting to become wealthy but you could lose all your money, trying to continuously push the wrong idea.
Regroup, look at the big picture, take a deep breath and let it happen. Don’t force it.

Columbus set sail to find a quicker route to India and discovered America

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