Friday, February 6, 2009

Fight Your Nature

We all have things we like and dislike, about ourselves. Obviously, the things we dislike about ourselves, are the things we want to change. But what do we do to change those things? Typically, we might ask for advice from others and or make promises to ourselves, on how we plan on doing things differently. What we don’t do, is fight our nature. Imagine that you’re playing the card game solitaire and the strategy you are using to win, is not correct. You may spend the rest of your life trying to defeat the game, with no success. The more you play, the more you embed the strategies originally given and the more frustrated you become with your lack of success. Now imagine that the correct strategy was applied. After so many years of playing, it would be difficult to apply these new concepts. Every time you would come close to winning, you would go back to what you were comfortable with, in the hopes of success. You would use what you believed in. Unfortunately, it would be a belief system that is based on little or no results.
When wanting to change the things in our lives that we do not like about ourselves, we have to fight our old tendencies and strategies. For example: The idea of getting up and dancing at a party, is torturous for someone who is not particularly social. That same person would probably like to be more social and a maybe even, a better dancer. To change the outcome of the game, they must fight their very nature and get up to dance. By doing so, they overcome their fear, they socialize and undoubtedly improve their dancing skills. Which in turn, builds on itself and later becomes easier to do? To do this, they must first go against their very nature and create a new belief or be it, strategy. Most importantly, afterwards they will need to assess the results of their efforts. Did it work? Was I more social? Ultimately, did he or she like the results of their efforts?
Nobody said it would be easy but if you plan on changing, you are going to have to take on the toughest opponent you know, you.

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