Thursday, February 19, 2009

Helping Hand

Why is it that many times, we are hesitant to ask for help? For some of us, it may be that asking is a sign of weakness. For others, it may be an issue of owing someone something. Whatever the case may be, we have to recognize the importance of asking for help. We must realize that unknowingly, we ask for help everyday of our lives.
The next time you need to fill up your gas tank, go get your own gas. Or maybe the next time you’re hungry, go out and hunt down a meal. I can only assume that you don’t feel humbled when asking for gas at a station or a steak at a restaurant. Are you not accepting help in these cases? In these cases, are you not benefiting from someone else’s knowledge and or experience to help yourself? Of course you are!
We accept help from others every day. The only difference is that we receive most of our help without being conscious of the help we are receiving. If you need help, ask for it, that’s what all of us are here for. Lastly, here’s a little secret. People like to help. Helping makes them feel good and important too. So if nothing else, when you ask for help, you can feel like you’re the one who is actually helping, helping someone else feel good and important.

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Diana said...

I suppose if we think long and hard about it, we are being helped by others on a daily basis in different situations. We need to humble ourselves and give thanks more often to those that reach out to us in many ways. And your right helping others does make you feel like you are living purposefully. Now if only you had a blog on how to do this on a daily basis without falling off the tracks, because my train feels like it is going to be derailed at any moment by certain people! LOL just kidding.

God bless!