Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Doubt creates a flat world

Doubt creates fear and fear can be paralyzing. So how can we control doubt? We can’t. All we can do, is to try to minimize the fear our doubt creates. Take a look at the following example:
If you were to set out sailing a boat away from shore, how overwhelmed with fear would you become about falling off of the earth? You might say none because the world is round. This assumption is not based on your own personal experience. It’s not based on something you have tasted, touched or seen with your own eyes. It is only based on what you have been told or shown. In fact, if you lived back in the time before it was common knowledge that the earth was round, you would have been overwhelmed with fear, to sail the same journey. Most of what we take for granted every day, we don’t understand. Microwaves, TV’s, Computers, Ipod’s etc… , who really knows how any of this stuff works. Yet we use them every day, without fully understanding how it all works. Doubt is not even part of the formula. You could say we have faith in the fact that all these things will work. We don’t need explanations or even concrete evidence. Our faith in these things, we know little or nothing about, allow us to keep moving forward, assuming it will all be ok. Faith is a doubt killer. Have faith in yourself, have faith in your life and most importantly have faith in God. Not only will faith kill doubt but in doing so, it conquers all our fear.


Anonymous said...

I have a question. How do you always get the perfect picture to match with what you have written. Or do you get the picture first? Ha.

Also I have a suggestion. Why don't you take your Daily Dumbbells on the radio I-pod show so people can download them and listen to them everyday on they're way to work. Just a thought. You would be great on radio!
love tia t

Anonymous said...

sorry meant to say on "their" way to work. t

Anonymous said...

I love this!!!! I was always taught growing up in Catholic schools that with faith a person could move mountains! I still believe this today. It is only our fears and doubts that prevent us from moving foward. With faith all things are possible!

Anonymous said...

i agree with tia t comments. the dailydumbbells need to be on radio. you will be helping many that just need to hear a special message of hope and faith. lourdes

Alex said...

I am working on this.