Friday, February 27, 2009

The Answer to the Riddle

The answer I was looking for was, Your Future.” The interesting thing was to see what answers people would give. Take a look at how different all the answers given are:

1. God
2. The Heart
3. The Soul
4. Death
5. The Past
6. The Mind
7. The Future
How can we have so many different answers, for the same description? In comparison answer the following riddle:
I am a companion
I cannot speak
I am part of your family but not blood related
I come in many shapes and sizes
My love is unconditional

By now most of you have answered a dog, or possibly a cat. Notice that although the hints were just as vague as in the original riddle, the possible answers to this riddle should be the same. Most people would say a dog but in the case were you said a cat, ask yourself, are they not for the most part, very similar? So does this mean the first riddle produces answers that are not similar? No, what it means is, the answers in the original riddle must be more similar than they first appear. It means that Dog is to Cat, as Past is to Future. Although different in some superficial ways, they are the same in life. It means, God, Heart, Soul, Death and the Mind are all the same. The thought of this may tie your mind in knots but only because you look at these things as superficially as you look at cat and dog. Study the answers given and come up with your own ways you find them to relate to each other.

My favorite is the fact that you cannot have any one of these without the other. They are all one in the same.

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