Friday, February 13, 2009

Crazy Like a Bat

I got a lot of request for another poem, so I wrote this one just for fun:

I'm crazy as all get out
I'm crazy as a bat
I think my families crazy too
Can you imagine that
I told my sister she was nuts
She answered not like you
And then I called my brother
Oh, no not him too

I'm glad though cause I realized , that crazy can be good
It makes me do some crazy things, that I think people should
It’s funny how the normal ones all call me for my thoughts
I bring them all their clarity, while my mind stays in knots

So when the day is done, my crazy thoughts subside
My mind can rest and craziness can go away hide


Anonymous said...

Loved it. Thanks for making me smile! (and I think it's pretty obvious which sister you are talking about.)

Alex said...

Does that mean you know which brother too? You is intellegence!!

Anonymous said...


I love reading your blog!

Keep the good work up.

Love Kisses,


Anonymous said...

once i told my father 'papi im so crazy!' to that he answered me, 'people that are crazy dont know they are crazy...they go through life not knowing they are crazy. since you know you are crazy, you are then, not so crazy.' i believed him...he was a wise man.
thought i should share that.