Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fear of the Unknown?

Remember the first girl or boy you liked? I bet you still know their name.
Remember the first time you told someone you liked them? I bet you can remember the nervousness that paralyzed you as you approached them
Remember the first time you went to hold hands? I bet you can feel their hand joining yours and the exhilaration that pumped from your hand to your heart in that very grasp.
Remember the first time you kissed? I bet you can still feel the incredible rush that overwhelmed you as you nervously tried to be the world’s greatest kisser.
All those things were unknown and scary to us at one time. Now, you look back and realize how great they were. You can only dream of feeling the way you did, the first time. Life is full of first times. Embrace them and realize that one day, today’s unknowns will be tomorrows found memories.


Anonymous said...

just an observation that 2 of the entries this week have a common theme - fear...

Alex said...

No duh, I'm pooping in my pants about the economy.

Anonymous said...

lol.. yeah... good point... with that said, I should probably get back to work before I get fired.