Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Simple Life

Remember the show Little House on the Prairie? Life was so simple back then. Plow the fields, milk the cows, do your chores, a little red school house and a farmer’s market. Everyone knew each other and the community was close knit. Life was about living. Work and chores, were about putting food on the table and a roof over your head. Neighbors worked together, played together and most importantly, lived life together with a common goal. What happened?

Now you have shows like, Dirty Sexy Money or The Hills, representing today's lifestyles. Life is complicated, full of betrayal, distrust, Malibu mansions, and Whole Foods Grocery Stores. Life is about getting ahead (ahead of who or what, I'm not sure but everyone is headed to the front of the line). Food on the table and a roof over your head, is a “gimme”. Neighbors envy each other; work against one another and most notably, live life as separate entities. In today’s world, it takes hurricanes and other major disasters to unite people, for a common cause. It’s great when you see it happening but why does it have to take death and suffering to bring about unity? With today’s economy the way it is, we need to look out for one another to survive. Survival of the fittest will mean nothing, if you’re alone. During these tough times, look not only to help yourself, but help those around you survive as well. I know It was how we made it through the tough times after Hurricane Andrew and it is how we will make it through the economic hurricane we are currently dealing with.
Bring back the simple life and let's help each other to have one common goal, for the survival of a community.

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TD said...

so true.. I think about this every time I'm watching tv