Thursday, January 8, 2009

Through the eyes of a child

Life is forever amazing through the eyes of a child. Try to picture a child’s face, when they hug Mickey for the first time. Remember the look of bewilderment, when they first saw a dog for the first time. Envision their face covered with chocolate ice cream and their tongue doing circles around their lips, as they savored every last bit of icecream. They were so mesmerized by the taste, they didn’t notice their tilted cone and the scoop falling towards the ground. Why can’t we as adults, have kept that same feeling throughout our lives? We give things a name, classify them and then suddenly, we are no longer amused. It doesn’t have to be that way. Look around you and you can create the same feelings you had as a child. On your next business trip get on the plane (window seat), put your laptop to the side and stare out the window watching the people and cars turn to ants. See if you can locate your house. Watch the clouds as they go by. Next time you’re in the grocery store, remember the days where you had to ask for the things you wanted. Now enjoy every pick. Pull a coupon you don't need off those electric things on the wall. Remember the first time at the deli, where you were afraid you would say your order wrong. People watch and enjoy the interaction between them. As a child we were always trying to learn through what we saw. Now as adults, we know it all and there is nothing to learn. We walk through Publix and life in auto pilot. We are more focused on what’s next then what’s now.
Act as though your memory banks were erased. Look at a dog again for the first time. Look at your life for the first time. I will bet you will notice things you have never noticed before if you just look a little harder, through the eyes of a child.


Anonymous said...

I have a few more - think about how excited you were as a kid to get a letter in the mail.
Do you think it would be inappropriate next time I go to the bathroom at work to shout "I DID IT all by myself!"? (that's what my 2 year old says.)

Kiki said...

teeheehee...ay Mary, that is too funny...I say you try it next time:) Alex, I heard a comedian this morning on Moody radio that sometimes reminds me of this blog. I thought today's especially did. Here is a link:

Alex said...


I don't think doing that is any less appropriate then yesterday when someone called me in for a meeting.I jumped out of my chair and ran through the building yelling, "You can't catch me, nani nani boo boo!!!!!!" If you think that was bad you should have seen there faces in the meeting(that I was finally corraled for) when I kept repeating,"I can't hear you, I can't hear you."

Alex said...

I heard the Ken Davis daily broadcast. I liked the message. Thanks for the link