Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Take Notice

We have a tendency to overlook everything that happens to us that’s good and yet take extra notice of the bad. I wonder if it’s not in part due to the fact that we expect the good things and therefore only react when the bad happens. Taking a look at a regular day you might have not noticed but today you didn’t have a car accident. Isn’t that a good thing? Are you thankful for that or do you just write it off as something that was supposed to have happened? I used this example to make a point however I realize most people are not going to spend their day being grateful for food, clothing, shelter and many of the other things we take for granted. What about everything else in our day? What do you spend your day looking for, the good or the bad? If you pick a random object and look for it today, you will find it everywhere.
Take a balloon for an example. You will see it in magazines, books, the internet, at parties, on billboards, everywhere. I would care to guess, that if you spend your entire day focused on balloons, by the end of the day you will take notice of the fact that you have never taken notice of all the balloons that are out there.
Forget about the balloons; take notice of the good things that are happening every moment of the day. Really look. Look for the good things in every moment of the day. Just like the balloons, by the end of the day, you will realize how many good things happen to you every day of your life.


Anonymous said...

Good one.. and so true. Every time I've been pregnant it seems like EVERYONE is pregnant. I notice expectant moms everywhere I go. It happens to me now with twins. I see them everywhere. But you're right. It's not necessarily that there is something now that was not there before, it's just that my perspective is different.

Alex said...

I noticed that lately alot of the things I think about seem to somehow just happen. I don't think it's because I am making them happen, it's just more that I am noticing the fact they are happening.