Friday, January 30, 2009

Uncontrollable Storm

Sometimes there is just nothing to do or say. Sometimes you just have to wait the feelings out. We look for the magical solution to help us stop feeling what we are feeling and the only solution is time. We are forced to just sit in an uncomfortable state, while our emotions and life sort themselves out. There isn’t always something to fix and it’s not always someone’s fault, sometimes it just is until it’s not.

A storm forms deep inside of me, for things I can’t control
I search the clouds for answers, because I don’t feel whole

Thunder shows in desperation and drowns my thoughts completely
Then silence and vast empty lands, show only to deplete me

I set in search for rainbows, the good things in my life
Dark sky’s of desperation, they cut me like a knife

In desperate search for cover, the rains persist to come
The drowning overwhelms me, my colors start to run

Standing soaked in burden, the wind will pay my toll
For passing rain will wet my body, but sun will dry my soul
* Alex Becerra


Diana said...

Your currently in the wrong line of work sir! You defenitely missed your calling! Great blog and great poem. Keep it up!

Kiki said...

Thanks Alex, I really needed it, at JUST the moment that I read it...God is good to me:)

Alex said...

Thanks for the feedback. You can't imagine how it helps me that I am not alone in my thoughts. When I read your comments it really makes me happy.
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Beautiful prose, McGyver!