Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vengeance 2

Our our first thoughts when we are hurt by others, is to strike back and or take revenge. We become engulfed with anger and the idea that vengeance can bring us peace. Vengeance can bring us peace? Does that make any sense? Maybe vengeance can bring us satisfaction? Does that make sense? Vengeance cannot bring us peace because wishing harm or ill will on another is a form of aggression and hate, which are both a direct contradiction to peace. So maybe vengeance can bring us satisfaction? Should we get our satisfaction from seeing another suffer. Will that restore a healthy, positive attitude in ourselves? What if they don’t suffer as much as we wanted them to? Will we then suffer more due to the lack of their suffering? It can get very complicated and confusing to be vengeful. In the long run, you create a world where your emotions are governed by that of others. It’s not to say that we won’t all at times feel the injustice of certain situations, but that to restore a sense of justice, we must take positive actions instead of creating ill willed negative reactions that will consume us more than others.

Before we act or better said react, we need to stop and think as to whether what we are doing is a positive step to change our circumstances, or a negative step to try to negatively change those of another.


Mary L said...

Not sure why, but a quote came to mind when I was reading this: "Idle hands are the devil's tools." I guess when I think about someone planning and plotting vengeance I think of someone with too much time on their hands.

On another note - - Am I the only one feeding your fish??? Becuase, MAN, when I feed them it seems like they are STARVING!

Alex said...

Yes, good point on the idle time. Oh, and dont kid yourself about the fish, its not that your the only one feeding them, its that they like you better.