Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's the Message?

All of my kids have been involved in sports and they will all tell you that prior to every game, I always instruct them to send their opponents a message. If you start out the game slow and lethargic or weak and afraid, that will be the message you send the opponent. Your opponent will not only get the message but they will feed off of it. Your message can make a weak opponent strong or a strong opponent weak. The first thing I ask my girls is, “What message do you want to send and then how can you clearly communicate that message.” Of course after telling them this for many years, I ended up asking myself the same question about the messages I am sending. Just as in sports, this translates to everyday life. We send our messages out every day, from our first experience in the morning, to the last one before going to bed. What message are we sending? Have we even thought about what message we want to send? I am sure it is an effort for my children to send that message every game but they will tell you it has been worth it. In trying to send a message to their opponents, they have found that the same messages were received by their teammates and coaches. When your teamates and coaches recieve that message they too will begin to treat you according to your message.Think about what the message is you want to send, make the effort to send it and watch how everyone around you responds.

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