Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Everyone's a Teacher

Many times we spend our days just going through the motions. We go accomplishing the task at hand and not taking the time to focus on what it is we are suppose to be learning. When we do this, our potential for growth is limited. On the other hand, if as we go through our day we try to learn something from every encounter we have, the world becomes an incredible school, filled with an endless supply of teachers. When you stop to get your morning coffee, what do you learn from that server who is always so friendly and takes the time to ask about your morning? What do you learn from the way your kids act, or the questions they ask, as you drive them to camp or school? What do you learn from the co worker that attacks you as you get to work, before you have had a chance to settle in? What can you learn from, the convenience store clerk, the co worker, the neighbor, the friend, etc….

Yesterday, my sister came over for a few minutes and her kids were neatly packed into her minivan. As I stood at the passenger window and took in everything that was going on in her van, I learned a lot. The twins taught me that although we may all look the same we are all individually unique with our own set of preferences and instead of being judged for that, it should be as interesting and unique as it is with them. Sophia taught me that having strong opinions about what you like and don’t like can be a sign of strength and cute, if presented correctly. Stevie, who is usually a mile a minute, taught me that if your quite and not participating in what is going on, you can be overlooked (he was in stealth mode, I barely knew he was there). Mary as always, taught me that the right attitude makes all the difference in how you perceive the life that you have been given (gifts are given).

Everyone is a teacher if you’re willing to be the student. What will you learn today and from who?


Mary L said...

Thanks, Alex. This was so sweet! Brought a tear to my eye. : ) I love you and have learned A LOT from you.

Alex said...

Well as you can see from this post, everyone is a teacher and I have learned just as much from you. Only I love you more.