Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Play It Again Sam"

To create habits, we need to do, hear or say the same things, many times over. The mistake is in thinking that if you do something a few times, it will somehow stick. If we look around at successful people or programs, they are all built on repeating the same thing over and over. Exercising, yoga, meditation, school, church, AA, Weight Watchers, reading the bible or even something as simple as a daily walk, can all be a form of an affirmation as to what you want in your life. In fact, that is the whole point behind my Dailydumbbells. For you the reader, as you read what is written it creates a thought for you to start your day with and hopefully helps you carry that thought throughout the day. For me as the writer, it forces me to think as I write, about the things I need to work on and then carry those thoughts with me into the day as well. Many times, I struggle with the same issues because they are the things I need to work on the most. Throughout our lives all of us have experienced the feeling of “why does this always happen?” We are confronted with the same problems over and over. This problem occurs in different settings, with different people yet the one common element is, us. The unpopular but obvious reason is that we are bringing this problem to ourselves. Until we can change the way we think and in turn change the way we act, this problem will always find us. Once we reflect on what is occurring and realize that what we have been doing must be corrected to create a new outcome, these things that seem to always appear in our lives will suddenly stop appearing.
"You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it." -- Albert Einstein
 The difficulty is that unless we work at it daily, we will tend to go back to our old ways and once again our old problems will appear. For this reason, it is important to have something that reminds you to stay the course. We need to understand that to change the way we think, it will require revisiting the issues many times over and or having some activity that reminds us of where we want to go.

Uncontrollable Storm

A storm forms deep inside of me, for things I can’t control
I search the clouds for answers, because I don’t feel whole

Thunder shows in desperation and drowns my thoughts completely
Then silence and vast empty lands, show only to deplete me

I set in search for rainbows, the good things in my life
Dark sky’s of desperation, they cut me like a knife

In desperate search for cover, the rains persist to come
The drowning overwhelms me, my colors start to run

Standing soaked in burden, the wind will pay my toll
For passing rains will wet my body, but the sun will dry my soul
Alex Becerra


Anonymous said...

Hey Alex,

First things first....great poem! I keep telling you that your in the wrong line of business. As for the blog, so true. I constantly struggle with the sticking to it part of whatever I want to accomplish or change!

Jenny B said...

awesome poem and post.

Alex said...

Thanks Diana, If i could make enough money just doing this, I would. In the meantime i enjoy writing and it keeps me focused.

Alex said...

Thanks Jenny,
It means alot to me that you read them and enjoy them.